Literacy workshop

This month Sasch and Charissa with Ruben, Judah, Hosanna and Zadok are busy with preparations for the literacy workshop that will take place very soon on a different island. Please pray for their trip that the workshop will work out well and that they will finish all the necessary primers for the literacy programme in the time frame that is available to them.

Recently fellow missionaries joined them in the village to help restart the work on the church building, which was a big blessing. They were with them for ten days and many of the local believers made time to help during this period. It was wonderful to see everyone working together and making good progress. The team have decided to set aside one week every month, so that the believers and the team can put in regular concentrated work towards the completion of the church building. Please continue to pray for perseverance and faithfulness going forward.

Continue to pray for the Buru church in Asia-Pacific as a whole. During the time the team are away for the workshop, the church will be alone for a period of about two months, which has not happened in a long while. Several ladies will need to lead Sunday school, which is new and scary for them. However, they are willing to press forward and trust in God’s help. Pray for each member to work together, and for the elders to grow in their tasks and take on the responsibility to care for the flock. Pray that step by step the church will become more independent.

Home schooling is under way again; their kids are now in sixth, third and first grade and Zadok is tagging along wherever he can. Charissa is kept quite busy with this as well as leading the ladies meetings and Sunday school.

They are hoping to have a home school helper next year. They have a close family member that is interested in helping them out. The application process is already in progress and they trust that God will work out everything according to His plan.