Literacy workshop

Part of the team worked on the texts using a projector. The other part worked on pictures to go along with the stories. Each member playing their part to advance this project.

With the help of their language helpers and the consultants who travelled from the USA, Alessandro and Chantal’s team was able to create a five-book teaching programme for the Konyagi language. It teaches all the letters and syllables of the language. They also created small reading books which follow each teaching book. The reading books only use the letters of their alphabet that they’ve learned up to that point so the fifth one uses all the letters and is the most complex.

The consultants were in constant communication with computer programmers in the USA to tweak the specialised software they have developed for creating literacy materials. In the past, people have spent as much as five years developing their literacy programme because they didn’t have experience or any outside help and had to do it all by hand. Praise God it only took the Konyagi team a month to get a solid rough draft because of the 30+ years of work by the SIL Bible translators who went before them and developed the orthography and because of the consultants, computer programmers, and their Konyagi friends! There is still quite a bit of checking and editing to be done before they can teach. Also, at least part of the missionary team must have reached the required level of fluency in the Konyagi language before beginning to teach literacy. Please pray for the Konyagi and for the team as they work towards that goal.

This week, Alessandro and Chantal are heading to Guinea once again. The church-planting consultants will meet with the Konyagi missionary team. These consultants are missionaries with church-planting experience and they come alongside the the teams on location to give them counsel in this challenging ministry. They are thankful for their input as they strategize and consider the next steps for the team. Pray that God will direct their discussions and give them wisdom in making decisions. Pray also for safety in travel.
While Alessandro and Chantal are there, they will get to see the progress on their house and hopefully meet with the contractor.

Thank you for praying for the Parrillo family. This month, Samuel will start attending a French preschool during the mornings. Pray that it would be a great experience and pray for his safety.

Praise God with Alessandro and Chantal for providing so generously! It has been a great encouragement to them to have almost the full funding for their house. Now, the need is to pray specifically for the house construction to move ahead. Pray that God would intervene and allow the construction to move ahead quickly (without compromising the quality of the work of course). Also pray for patience for Alessandro and Chantal. They are very thankful to have a nice place to stay at the guesthouse, but we are really looking forward to finally being settled in and able to concentrate on ministry among the Konyagi.

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