Literacy programme

They have begun to train teachers for the next class, so they are now teaching this class as well as part of the training, and the missionary team assists them in this role. Some are very gifted for the work; André and Aurélie find it is a joy to see them teach! They are training thirteen teachers for this role. Later on there will be four teachers at a time, so each individual teacher will not have to teach the sixteen weeks in a row.

This week a consultant will visit to check some Bible portions. André is still working on passages in Genesis, he finished the Joseph story, and has been working on creation, the flood and Abraham stories. This is a long-term job. Please pray for the ones helping in this work as they begin to hear the Word of God.
For a few months, André has been spending time with a group of teenagers, showing them how to maintain and operate a chainsaw. The goal of these sessions is to build relationships with the teenagers. Please pray for the missionary team’s relationships with the youngsters as they are the future of the village and the team trust they will be the future of the church. It is not natural in this culture for adults to spend time with teenagers, it’s been great for

André and Aurélie to see them become friendly and open. Before they would be very shy and wouldn’t even talk with André and Aurélie but now they are comfortable around them and sometimes give the missionary team a hand with the work. Please continue to pray for opportunities to reach these teenagers!

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