Literacy among the Mwinika

The visiting missionary especially wanted to get a literacy programme similar to Francois and Nadia’s running in the Nahara people group where he and his wife minister. So in April Nadia joined them for two weeks and they worked from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day with a team of five helpers. She left them while they were still busy writing their last primer and continues to give as much support as she can via email. Pray that the programme will soon be up and running (there is still a lot of work left before that is possible) and that many will learn to read so that they have access to God’s Word in their own language. 

The two literacy classes for the Mwinika/ Marevone people ended in February and Francois and Nadia’s co-workers Phil and Elin joined them for their certificate ceremony. Praise the Lord for doing His work through the first Mwinika missionary couple! They need prayer however to receive wisdom in proceeding forward. The small fledgling church is still young and vulnerable. New literacy teachers have been trained and passing the baton needs both wisdom and courage.

Two new works have been opened this year. As always they use literacy classes as the entry strategy to prepare a group for the Bible lessons. The missionaries emphasise that they want them to be able to have direct access to God’s Word and not just accept whatever they are taught. In March one of the literacy teachers started a new class in a small village about 30 minutes away. He is doing this work as a volunteer, and stayed in the village for the first two weeks to get the pre-literacy classes going. He continues to visit them weekly and they are learning to read and write in Mwinika. Soon they hope to start the first Bible lessons in this group. Continue to pray for the Mwinika church, that their heart will be to reach out to others and to spread the good news of the Gospel.
Another Mwinika teacher has started the second work. This village is so excited that with the first meetings they presented two pages of names of people that want to enter the classes! Pray that the Gospel will be accepted here as the Lord prepares hearts to receive His Truth.

Francois has been very busy travelling this year in his capacity as field leader! Their ministry is not just to the Mwinika and the church plant, but also reaches further as they use what the Lord has taught them, to further church planting in this whole region… and beyond! Pray for wisdom and safety in his upcoming travels
Francois and Nadia’s three children are doing well! All three are in high school (grade 8 and 10) now and it keeps their mum and teacher on her toes! There is a possibility for a volunteer to help with the home schooling for a few months later this year. They are very excited and pray that the doors will open if this is God’s will.

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