Both the workshop in the north and south of Lamogai went well. Together with the literacy leaders they trained 40+ teachers to bring up the speed and comprehension level of the student. When the believers read better, it will have an effect on their personal walk and the ministries they have in church and community.
While they were in Lamogai, Jan and Annette’s co-workers did a whole literacy primer construction. Together with Maleu leaders they set up the programme for the Maleu language group. When Jan and Annette returned to Hoskins they were able to take it over from their co-workers and with some of the leaders they worked on finalising some off the ‘Teacher Instructions’. Annette still needs to work on preparing the flashcards and purchasing things that are needed for the courses. Most other materials are ready for printing now.
In October Jan and Annette plan to go to Maleu, at the west point of the island, to train their teachers and see the first classes started.
While Annette is working with the Maleu leaders, Jan is preparing to go to the Asengseng people group. Leaders there have asked for assistance, as they were invited to come and teach the Good News in villages of another language group. Jan is planning to go together with four leaders from the Ata and Mouk church, most of whom have faced persecution because of their faith.
Because the four leaders already have cross cultural church planting experience, their input and interaction with the Asengseng leaders will be better understood and applied than the western high-tech way of working. They would appreciate your prayers for them.
Jan and Annette are so glad that there are so many who also work with them through prayer, giving and helping.

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