At the beginning of October André, Aurélie, Nathanaël, Laure-Elise, Lydianne and Abigaïl went to the mission’s yearly conference in Goroka. It was a great opportunity for them to connect again with friends they had not seen for a long time, a real blessing. They were also encouraged to see the work God is doing in other people groups in PNG.

The second literacy class in their village is still ongoing. The students of the first class are still meeting once a week and some of them are already very fluent readers. They are also very good at writing stories. Since the end of class one, they have written about 90 stories in their own language. 90 stories! Can you believe it! Some are very short but some are very long. For instance, recently, one of the most gifted students translated a Pidgin book into their language, more than 50 pages!

The missionary team have appointed a couple to be the supervisors of the teachers. They are now training them in this role. They are thankful for them; they are humble even though they are more educated than most people in the village, have a good husband and wife relationship and are eager to do a good work. Please pray for this couple, that they believe the Gospel and become a leading couple in the future church. They have also started teaching them to type on the computer along with two other students and they are doing great at it.

André had been working for a month on translating passages of the Old Testament for the teaching. He recently started portions of the Gospel and this has been very exciting. He will first translate about 500 verses of the four Gospels, mostly from Mark and John. Please pray for the two men who are helping him in the first steps of the translation. They have heard quite a lot about Jesus already but it is hard for André to know what they really think.

Please pray for wisdom for the missionary team as they prepare for teaching in the village, pray for hearts to be open to the teaching at a deep level not just at a surface level.

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