Life changing

The Rees family have already worked with the Pwo Karen people group for several years and speak the language. They have started translating the Bible and preparing lessons but progress is slow. They lack time because they also need to do projects, build relationships, home school etc. In a nutshell, they need co-workers. So Stephan and Sandra with Benaja, Sophia und Emily are really excited to join them and to help them wherever they can.

Before they can move to the village, they still need to finish their Thai language studies. Stephan and Sandra have decided to move closer to where the Rees family live by the end of this year, so that they can already support them. They will move to a village about two hours away, where the people still speak the Thai language. (Where the Reeses live, most of the people speak a tribal language and hardly any Thai.) Their plan is to finish their Thai language study whilst building relationships with the Rees family and supporting them by doing projects and other things. They will also be able to build relationships with the people there and might even be able to learn one or two words in the tribal language. It will also give them time to find a suitable place to stay in in about one and eighteen months to two years.

Praise the Lord, God’s timing on their short trip meant that they made new contacts with a couple of people and even saw some houses that might be available during the time they will live there.

The long journeys and the hard beds were exhausting for them and since their return, the children have had tummy bugs.

Stephan and Sandra are finishing their current language stage and will soon start with the next one. Please pray for concentration while they are having the language checks and that they will have a great start at the next stage.

Thank you for praying!

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