Life-changing Truth! 

It is Easter in Maliyali – Jesus is risen! Or in Maliyali – Jisas le manizfiniycfumc!

After years of living among the Maliyali and learning their culture and language to fluency, the missionary team began to meticulously prepare 56 lessons that span the distance from Genesis to Revelation in order to teach them the Greatest News ever! They have now presented 49 of those lessons. Last Monday, they finally arrived at the apex of The Gospel – the resurrection. This is life-changing truth!

The Maliyali have now clearly heard the one Road that God cut for people to come back to Him. They have heard that if they turn their backs on other false roads and look to JESUS as their only Way – they will be saved! Their sins will be forgiven and they will be given Jesus’ righteousness.

The missionaries are overjoyed to say that there are now Maliyali men and women who have placed their belief on Jesus, the “road cutting man.”  (This is how Jesus’s name translates in Maliyali.) There are believers in Maliyali! They still have more of the Gospel presentation lessons to give to the Maliyali who are confused, burdened with fear and/or doubt or are in opposition towards Jesus as “the only road.” Please rejoice with the missionary team, that God has gained so many back already and plead with Him to bring many more into the Family!

The team have been so incredibly encouraged in talking to some of their Maliyali friends… thank you all for praying. There will be many more conversations in the near future to see where individuals stand. They would appreciate your prayers because this is only the very beginning. Years of discipleship are ahead of them. God will guide them, He is building His church in Maliyali and they are so privileged to be a part of it! The Maliyali people have always followed many different “roads” to get to paradise, god, happiness, eternal life, etc. Satan has used all of these different roads to confuse people. The missionaries can finally speak clearly to them about these things!

The Maliyali people can only discern what is Truth and what is not by checking it against the Word of God. Moreover, God’s Word says there is only ONE way to get to Him – through Jesus.

It is not easy for the Maliyali people to turn from the beliefs they have held their whole lives. Praise God for the many who have turned from the false roads and are looking only to JESUS! Please pray for those who are still deciding which road to follow.

Recently, the Maliyali people learned that Jesus did not just cut a road to get them back to His Father but that in His mission that is now ours, He seeks to dismantle all other roads that man, through the schemes of Satan, have tried to build.

The Maliyali walked away saying, ‘God made the only road to save us, there is no other road that we can follow in which God would be pleased, no, there is no other road. Although we have so many roads on this ground to choose from, they all end in our destruction. Thank you God for sending the road cutting man. We happily turn our backs on these roads because we gain Him, our only true road.’