Life changing

One of the villagers that came to listen to the Bible teaching told André & Aurélie, “We used to see only the leaves, now we are getting to the root!” – meaning, we used to hear some stories about God but we didn’t know where they came from, how they fit together and where they originated.

In this culture the people think that sickness is the result of their “sins”, for instance if they transgress a taboo. They have been shocked to hear that the world God created was perfect, not like the world they see today. There was no death, no sickness, no suffering. They have heard that death and sickness are the consequences of the fall. This is totally new to them it will change the way they see the world.

Each morning the first one to walk to the meeting place, around 6:45, is a blind man. He knows the path and doesn’t need help to walk around the village. The other elderly people come next, ahead of time, before the rest of the village. All their lives they have asked themselves, where is the truth? They were born in the jungle with no contact with the outside world. They remember the first white men coming, changing their traditional bark loincloth for western clothes. Then they heard new stories; the white men worshipped a powerful spirit, one more spirit to placate, in addition to the ones that live in the jungle and in the rivers. Where is the truth? Who created the world? Why do we get sick? Why do we die? So many questions were left unanswered. Over the last three weeks, they have heard answers from the Bible, the Word of God. André and his co-worker Jason took turns teaching the first six chapters of Genesis. For the people heard this message in their language for the first time. Their answer: “The Word of God is true.”

The children are very interested too. After each meeting, they rush to see the new pictures hanging on the bamboo wall. During the meeting they answer the questions. The missionary team find it awesome to see.

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