Albert and Lynne Castelijn with Stevie serve among the Banwaon people of the Philippines and are rejoicing that 1 and 2 Peter and James can be added to the growing Banwaon New Testament! Pray for Albert and the translation team as they now work on the book of Hebrews.
The work on the new high school is progressing well but they are still trying to get the necessary paperwork that is currently elusive. They are planning to add Grade 10 (UK year 11) this year and are hoping that they can use the new building in August!

Albert and Lynne will be in Australia for a month in June for a family wedding and to reconnect with their adult kids before they scatter all over the world again. There is much to be completed in the village for Albert, Lynne and Stevie before they leave and they would appreciate your prayers!

The Higaunon team are thanking the Lord for the completion of the final check on 1 and 2 Kings. It was hard going in some areas but as always, the Lord helped them work through the challenges. They are so grateful and thankful for the two Higaunon men that worked with them on these checks. Pray for wisdom as they make the changes that were made during the check. It can be very easy to make little mistakes during this process. Also pray for wisdom to know when they can say, “Right, it is finished” and be ready for printing.

At a recent SYIS workshop ( in Manila, there were twenty-two participants and six facilitators. It was a tremendous week for all concerned. Here’s what one participant shared: “It was a life-changing experience for me as I had the chance to really evaluate myself and dig into the issues of my heart and on how my brokenness affects the way I treat others. I see the need to really battle within me and allow the love of God to really transform me to be more loving and really value people more.”

After the workshop missionaries among the Higaunon, Lance and Laura Ostman, returned to the village. There were a few things they needed to do with the translation work and some physical work to be done on the house due to termite damage.

The Higaunon church holds a seminar every year during May and are joined by the Banwaon church. This year, there’s a big change as it’s going to be held in the Banwaon village. Their languages have some rather challenging differences; the Higaunon word for sufficient is their word for temporary! Can you imagine, the sufficiency of Christ being thought of as temporary? Please pray that they’ll have a good week together.