Let’s not forget

Paul and Susan thoroughly enjoyed being together with all the family for two days and nights over Christmas. Laura has now started a new job in an Occupational Therapy position. They have much to be thankful for.
When they came home this time Paul and Susan had a few medical things on their ‘to do list’. Paul had appointments with the dermatologist. One of the skin lesions on the side of his face needs removing under a local anaesthetic, and the earliest appointment was the end of January. Another one will be ‘frozen’ off in a different clinic, and that appointment is in February. They now plan to leave Chesterfield to return to Papua New Guinea early next month. They know their God will give the needed grace and strength as that day comes (as He always has), but as they get older, they find it harder to think about making yet another move back to PNG and leaving their family and friends. Again, we are to ‘remember’ that we are just pilgrims on this earth, and this world is not our permanent dwelling place anyway.
Paul and Susan say “It is easy to get discouraged and think of how much more we could have accomplished and maybe ought to have seen finished and yet as we ‘remember’ in each of our lives, we can all look at the many awesome things God has brought about, in spite of us mere mortals. And rejoice that He has been pleased to use us in spreading the Gospel and in building the church of Jesus Christ. Praise HIS name.” They do not have any new news to share with you from the Gende believers but ask that you keep praying for them.

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