Let’s go barefoot

When Regina Kowert returned to Germany in 2018, she noticed some people walking barefoot in the city. At first, it seemed a very strange thing to do, because they certainly could afford shoes! In Senegal it is not uncommon to see someone barefoot, but mostly out of necessity. In Germany it has been a new trend and of course some “Natural Running Coaches” were born.

Moses, Joshua and Isaiah also had to take off their shoes – not a trend, but on a command from above – “Take off your shoes from your feet”. At that time slaves always walked barefoot in the presence of their masters, also prisoners had to take off their shoes.

God demanded that Moses humble himself in the presence of a holy God.

Humble yourself – give up all your rights – become my servant – let me be your Master!

Jesus gave us an example – He went barefoot to Golgotha.

What rights do you hold onto? Let Jesus be your ‘Running Coach’!

Regina will be leaving Germany for a trip to Senegal this week, returning at the end of January. Firstly, she will travel with a friend and three children, to a remote village where only two Christians live. They want to encourage them and hope to distribute calendars in Wolof, on which well-chosen Bible verses are printed and which are gladly accepted by local people.

The next journey will be to a village where there are no believers yet. Regina will visit her friend who recently lost her husband. She has four children and the fifth is on the way. God willing, she will also make a doctor’s appointment for her son. He was bitten on his lips by a horse a year ago. They want to check if he needs surgery. Please pray for open hearts in the village and opportunities to share God’s love. Pray that she will be able to speak courageously and clearly if asked about the hope Christ brings.

Finally, Regina will help with a two-week children’s programme in Dakar during a literacy workshop. Pray that the children will be blessed by the Bible stories and time together. Thank God for all the helpers and teachers that make this time possible.

If an opportunity arises, Regina would also like to look for an apartment with a friend, which they could move in together sometime next year. Please pray that God will give them a suitable apartment with enough space and a good landlord.

With all this in mind, it is natural that Regina has some internal struggles. Thank God for all His help and the encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray also for restored health.