Let it snow

Snow is definitely not in the air, but Stephen and Ginger Jordan and family’s toes are a tad cool when it is only a high of 88 degrees with 74% humidity. Clouds overhead definitely will not produce snow, but maybe a sprinkle where they live among the Agutaynens in the Philippines. Even with no chance of snow, Ginger has decorated their home with snowmen on the walls, on the pillows, and on the shelf. Ginger loves seasons and holidays, even if they are not observed where they live. Therefore, in January they have snowmen everywhere in their living and dining room. In February, Ginger replaces the snowmen with hearts and flowers. In May, she decorates the house with tulips. Every month, Ginger has a theme to match a holiday or a special event.

Each and every month, the decorations change, but not their Christmas card wall. This is a special place that Ginger hangs all the Christmas cards they received from the previous Christmas. Each night just before heading to bed, Ginger takes a Christmas card down and places it on the dining table. The following day, as a family they pray for the sender during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As the day comes to an end, Ginger hangs that Christmas card on the wall again and takes another one down for the next day.

In the past, they have taken all the Christmas cards down on January 1st and hung up all the new cards they have just received, and the tradition of praying continues. Well, this year, there were no new cards (probably due to delays in the postal service). So, this year, all the Christmas cards they received in 2019 will remain on the wall.

Praise the Lord for a wonderful anniversary of Faith Bible Church in December 2020. The believers were greatly encouraged through this event. Later in December, the believers had their biggest outreach of the year. The original plan was for them to sing carols while handing out Christmas gifts door to door. However, due to Covid restrictions, they were unable to carol. A new plan was instigated, the believers separated into four small groups and scattered throughout the village with gifts from Faith Bible Church.  Every household received a coffee mug with the church’s name and logo, instant coffee, and a Gospel tract entitled “Why Christmas?”

As the believers gave out each gift, they asked the recipient “Why do you celebrate Christmas?” This was a wonderful opportunity for the believers to share their faith amongst their neighbours, friends, and family. Stephen and Ginger were impressed to see the boldness and confidence of the believers to share in this way.

Please pray that:

The believers will continue to share their faith.

The recipients will truly ponder the truth of Christmas and their personal need for Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Also, pray for Stephen, Ginger and family as they begin to make plans to return to the States in May for a delayed home assignment.

Praise the Lord for the many kids and parents that hear the Good News every week through Kid’s Bible Club. This ministry will finish for the year in February. Not only have many kids memorised verses, but their mums and siblings have too.

Please pray for Stephen and Ginger as they consider different men in the church to take on ministry roles during their absence from them while on home assignment.