Launching out

Andy and Chrissy Shaub are happy to be home again among the Awa people of Ecuador after being away for almost six months! The last three weeks were spent in Colombia attending the annual Ethnos missionary gathering and then a language and culture workshop. They are thankful to have the opportunity to connect with their fellow Ethnos missionaries who serve in Panama, Colombia and Peru. The workshop in Colombia updated them on the latest language and cultural learning programme.

On the first Sunday back in the village there was a baby dedication. The child was happy to receive her Bible story book as part of her special day. They also heard all the news of the Awa church and the continued interest among the children, teens, and younger married folks. It was a heavy load for their co-workers to manage while they were away, but God helped them.

Prayer and Praise:

Praise the Lord for the good time in Colombia and for the conference and workshop – it is good material. Chrissy is rather worn out, but they hope to be able to have some quiet time as they settled back in at home.

They are thankful that God helped their co-workers to keep going in their absence!

It is good to hear of how God is working among the young people. Pray for wisdom as to how to divide up the kids’ classes.

Thankfully, the political situation in Ecuador has settled down again, and Ecuadorians are getting back to a more normal life.

Pray as Andy and Chrissy launch into the translation work… it is a learning process for them, but they will be working with consultant help.