Language study

Language study has started well and this week Hanna is allowed to speak her first little sentences during class. She is looking forward to being able to communicate better with the people around her, such as when her friends in the neighbourhood came to her house and showed her how to prepare a yummy snack. Hanna’s neighbours are really friendly and open to having a little chat whenever she meets them on the street. It is still a challenge for her to walk through the neighbourhood but it is much easier if she has a goal in mind, like visiting someone and seeing what opportunities open on the way. Pray for Hanna as she wants to learn to be more flexible and to be dependent on God´s timing.

One Sunday Hanna went with friends to a little church in one of the villages outside of the town. They were invited to two families who showed them how to make a little basket for selling fish at the market. Hanna really enjoyed trying it herself. She was encouraged to hear from one of them how God reached out to him and to see his heart for serving Him.

Last week Hanna started driving a motorbike. She has not had much experience on the road with it so far. During the next few weeks she needs to get used to the traffic. Recently she met a young lady who had a severe motorbike accident and during the last few days some of Hanna’s colleagues had little accidents too. Driving the motorbike will help her to get more and more involved in the daily life activities but please pray for safety.
This week Hanna has been attending meetings for those who are involved in MK education and hearing about the work in the different regions. There is another conference next week that she would like to attend but at the moment the air pollution in that region is so severe that it may not be possible to go. Please pray for rain as that would clean the air.

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