Language learning

Funerals, weddings, the name giving ceremonies are important events and it is not necessary to know the deceased, bride and groom or family in order to attend. Regina tries to attend such events as often as she cans; she has two weddings to go to in December.

Recently Regina made a trip to the North of Senegal. She went with a friend from another mission and distributed calendars in Wolof. Travelling is always an adventure; thank the Lord for His protection. She met with a few believers and asked their advice for missionaries. And they said: “Learn language and culture very well, persevere, do not go home after five years because you don´t see any fruit, do not create financial dependence but instead teach people to trust in God and last but not least: stay in the background when local believers are there.” Living in the village was a little bit like camping, because they really do everything outside except sleeping. They were able to talk to some families and encourage some local believers. Please pray that the seeds of God´s Word will grow in the people’s hearts.

Please pray also for Regina’s spiritual walk with the Lord, joy in ministry and focus in language and culture study. Please pray that she would handle her areas of weakness well.

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