Language learning

André and Aurélie Tousch feel privileged to live among the people and to learn to know each and every one of them individually. The villager’s hunger for the Gospel is so impressive; they see it each time the missionaries need help with language learning. They all want to help so that they can get the language as soon as possible.
Recently a lady told Aurélie : “My little brother has heard the Gospel in a neighbouring village in another language but my brother learnt a bit of that language to be able to hear the message. Now when he visits he tells me how he cannot wait until we all hear it. He doesn’t dare tell us himself, he doesn’t feel able, but when you are ready to share the message he will come with us to hear it in his own language. We live in darkness, we get sick, we die; and we want to hear the truth.”
God has prepared the hearts of the people in advance and He also gives André and Aurélie strength each day for learning the language and showing His love to the people.
The children also sometimes try to learn some of the language, the people love it!
Until recently the village people looked “perfect”. Now that André and Aurélie have been with them for three months they have begun to realise that not everything is perfect! Yes, these people are also sinners in need of God’s grace like you and I, and they need your prayers. Pray too that the missionary team can get to know them at a deeper level.

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