Language evaluation

Andrew and Joanna McCready with Manoah recently had a refreshing three weeks in Germany. They enjoyed spending time with Joanna´s church family at their weekend away and were able to give a little update. They attended Joanna´s brother wedding and it was an encouragement to meet many of their friends and family members.

They have started back into language study. They have officially finished their grammar classes in the local school. Now they will continue with their private tutors to apply what they have learned in class.

In the next few weeks, they will mostly prepare for their second language evaluation. They have enjoyed this stage 2 of language learning – going through different, culturally appropriate processes.

This month they are also hoping to welcome another two families for language learning and saying good bye to people moving on or having to return home due to sickness and retirement.

In December they will need to leave the country again in December to get their first work visa. Pray for a smooth trip a quick process and that they would be given a one-year visa.

Joanna is pregnant and God willing the baby will be born at the end of April. These past few months have been challenging for Joanna with pregnancy sickness and with the rising heat. She has kept hydrated and is starting to feel a little better, and is able to do language again. They are thankful for good results with baby scan so far.

They plan to return to Northern Ireland for the baby’s birth. Please pray that all the necessary arrangements will come together.

A lot of wisdom is needed in when they return from medical home assignment in July 2020, as they hope to move to a new region.

Andrew and Joanna are very thankful for you as you journey with them and faithfully pray for them.