Language and culture study

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker with Benaja, Sophia and Emily are getting to know the other families in the village where they live in Southeast Asia among the Pwo Karen. They thank the Lord for their relationships with the locals and their openness.

Two ladies and their families are very much on Stephan and Sandra’s hearts. One is their secretary/house helper/nanny and their children love her to pieces. They love to visit her home (husband, two kids, grandmothers and fathers and other relatives) too and their relationship is getting deeper. The other lady is their language helper. She helps them with their language and culture studies three to five times a week. They are also able to work through Bible lessons in Thai. Please pray for these two wonderful ladies and their families, that they might receive God’s wonderful gift to them as well! Stephan and Sandra really enjoy these relationships and pray they will one day hear God’s Word, understand and believe it.

Stephan and Sandra are thankful to the Lord that their kids feel so at home and especially for healing for Emily who was ill for a long time. She is now well again.

Pray that the Lord will give Stephan and Sandra strength for the culture and language study. Pray for their co-workers the Rees’ for wisdom in planning and writing Bible lessons in Pwo-Karen.

Sandra will be in Switzerland for about two weeks in August. After thinking about it back and forth and with encouragement from Stephan, she has now bought her flight tickets. The thought of travelling without her family is really strange to her but knowing her Heavenly Father will take care of them helps her look forward to the trip with anticipation. Her time will be limited but she is looking forward to seeing friends and family as well as to enjoy some Swiss air.