Laid aside

Last week their good friends and co-workers Clark and Mary, were involved in a very serious road accident. They were travelling with another couple from the Bru church when a large truck turned across their path and collided with them. The Bru lady died at the scene and her husband required hospital treatment. He appears to be recovering and has returned home.

Mary had multiple, serious injuries, including crush injuries, broken bones, head and internal injuries. Her critical condition required her to be transferred from the provincial hospital to receive specialist treatment in a city hospital. Clark had minimal physical injuries but we can only imagine the trauma he has gone through in these past days.

Many people around the world have been praying and Norman and Bobby thank God for the Bru man’s recovery so far and that Mary has also been responding well to treatment. She was recently moved out of ICU. She still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Norman and Bobby have gone to the city to be with Clark and Mary over the next few weeks. Also, while Clark and Mary are laid aside, there will be many roles and responsibilities to be covered. It will take more than one person to do that!

Please continue praying for their dear friends at this difficult time. Pray for the Bru man and his family as they have lost a wife and mother. Pray for encouragement for the Bru church as they respond to the loss and injury of their fellow members. And pray for the work of the mission in Southeast Asia, that in the future they will be able to say, like Joseph, you meant it for evil but God meant it for good.

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