Lack of communication

The last report Robert and Nicole received from them was that it had started to rain again but that they are still dealing with the effects of months of drought. The Iqwaye and Gwase men with whom Robert is working are easier to reach. Robert has been able to discuss different things they are working on together with them over the last couple of months.

Last summer when Robert and Nicole were in the tribe, the men who are leading the Iwalaqamalje churches told them that they were planning to have meetings during Christmas with believers from the different villages at one location. Pray that the believers were encouraged from the Word of God and in the fellowship together and that their testimony will continue to go out to those still living in darkness.
The recording of the New Testament for the audio Bibles is going well. The book of Matthew is finished and a good part of Mark is completed as well. Robert has also been recording Bible lessons for the Iqwaye and Gwase dialects. One of the believers told him last summer: “When I will go to my garden to work there I will take the Audio Bible with me. When I will take a rest in between working, I will turn on the Audio Bible so I can listen to God’s Word.”
Robert is also working on the back to English translation of the chapters they translated last summer; Nicole will check them first and then a translation consultant will check them as well. Robert continues working on preparing the Bible lessons for the Iqwaye and Gwase people too, so that he and Nicole can print booklets for them.
Robert and Nicole’s children Elianne and Amos are busy with study and work during the weekends. They are thankful for the places where they can do their internship this academic year. Jorim will finish his time at the primary school which means that they have to decide which high school he will go to. They will visit some schools during the next few months and would appreciate your prayers for them in choosing the right school for Jorim.

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