Labouring on

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa.

Prayer has been answered for Aaron’s health. His stomach is about back to normal, and he is glad that he is feeling better again. However, he does feel worn out and is looking forward to a break soon. Pray that God will give Aaron and Amy the strength to continue to labour for His glory with patience and endurance.

Amy’s sister has spent almost two months with them now and has helped them with about a thousand little things that they did not have the time to do. She will be flying back to the USA soon, and they will accompany her to the airport. Pray for a safe trip for Amy’s sister, and that God will continue to work in her life and guide her, in what He wants her to do next

They will be in the city for about one week, and plan to do some supply-shopping, try to rest and then drive back to the village.

Amy’s literacy classes continue to make slow progress. Nevertheless, most of the students keep attending and they can see how their faithfulness has helped them to learn.

Aaron has been revising some of the more current lessons he was working on, with the help of a recording that their co-worker Lesley had made of someone retelling the lesson in his own words.

They bought a satellite dish to see if they can get a better internet connection in the village. Now they are trying to get it shipped from the Ivory Coast so that they can pick it up, bring it to the village and install it.

They are thankful for their friends in the village, who continue to help them with making lessons or helping teach literacy.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the Glarro people so they will understand and believe the Good News.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy, and the Glarro.