The better internet connection is allowing Alessandro and Chantal to take care of some administrative things more easily and they’re working on the formatting of the Bible lessons. They will also be having some meetings with the church planting consultants. Once these meetings are over, they plan to return to the village.
Alessandro and Chantal will only have four weeks in the village before returning to Dakar for the checking of the Bible lessons. These will be busy weeks, as they will be checking as many Bible lessons as possible and packing up their house for an extended absence as baby number two is on the way – due in October. They are so thankful to God for this precious gift. Pray for them during this busy month which will be all the more challenging due to the pregnancy and the intense heat.
After their month in Dakar to check the Bible lessons, in May they plan to go to Italy for two and a half months to visit their supporting churches. Many of them have yet to meet Chantal and Samuel. At the end of July, they plan to return to Canada for the arrival of the baby and they also hope to be able to visit their supporting churches that they weren’t able to visit last time. At the moment, they are thinking of returning to Africa in March 2016.
During the month that Alessandro and Chantal will be in Dakar to check the Bible lessons, Chantal’s parents plan to visit and help them. Pray that all the participants in the checking will be healthy and nothing will keep any of them from attending. Due to their health problems, it now seems impossible for them to finish all the lessons before they leave in May. They would really love to finish the project and are thankful to God and their partners who have contributed to this project.
Samuel brings Alessandro and Chantal so much joy! He is 16 months old, very smiley, a little timid and babbles a lot. His new word is ‘amen’. Continue to pray for his health and for wisdom to deal with his allergies. Pray that he will know his Saviour at a young age. Pray for wisdom for Alessandro and Chantal in their role as parents so that they can take good care of Samuel and raise him in a way that honours God.
Pray for all their travels, the transitions they will be facing in the coming months and that all the details will fall into place. They’re looking forward to seeing how God will provide for various needs.
Praise the Lord for the progress in the Konyagi Bible lesson development! The team are checking lesson 51 and their national co-worker has finished translating all 70 lessons! Pray that this project would progress well, without too many delays, and that the lessons will be well done and a great help in sharing the Good News with the Konyagi. Allesandro and Chantal’s national co-worker is Bible teaching at church on Sundays. Pray that he might teach well, that many people will continue to come and of course, that the people will understand and be transformed by God’s Word. Also pray for this man’s family’s spiritual growth and that God will provide for their needs.
Continue to pray for the Hofer and Nachtigall families in their home countries.
Pray for Sue Jenkins and the others as they are working on the translation and making progress! Pray that this translation will be clear and exact.
Praise God for the work that He is doing among the Konyagi people! Pray that God will go before the missionaries to prepare the way, that He will continue to prepare the hearts of the Konyagi to hear the message of salvation and that His Word will transform their lives.
Praise God that the border between Guinea and Senegal is now open. Pray that the epidemic will soon end and for those affected by it. Also pray for wisdom for the mission leaders as they monitor the situation.

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