Konyagi Bible lessons

When the village helpers finally did arrive a few days later, they were able to have two teams instead of just one for a period of two weeks. This allowed them to accomplish much more than they would have accomplished with just one team. Praise God! Then Ivy, Chantal’s mom, suffered from symptoms of diverticulitis, but thankfully, after a few days on a clear liquid diet, she was feeling better. Then last week, Chantal collapsed and was taken to the hospital. It seems it was due to dehydration since she’d had diarrhoea for several days. She was hospitalised for four days. She’s doing much better, and the baby is doing well also. Now she just needs to regain her strength. Alessandro and Chantal are so thankful that Chantal’s parents were there to help care for Samuel and to continue with the checking! 

Despite all of these obstacles, God has allowed the checking to continue and, for that, Alessandro and Chantal give Him glory!
God is also at work in the lives of the Konyagi helpers! Here is a conversation that took place between Ivy and one of the helpers when she was checking lesson 64.
The question from the book: Will God accept the man who does his best to obey God’s law?
Answer from the book: No, doing one’s best will not be sufficient in God’s eyes. God will accept only those who have attained God’s level of goodness, which is perfection.
At that point, the helper, looking a bit perplexed and said: “I can draw a conclusion based on that”.
Ivy asked him: “What’s your conclusion?”
The helper: “Then no one can go to Heaven!”
Ivy: “Yes, that’s right. Unless God provides a way, no one can go to Heaven.”
The helper: “But that’s so discouraging! After all that work…”
Ivy: “Yes, that’s the bad news. Listen carefully… because there’s good news coming.”
Pray that these biblical truths will impact the lives of the four Konyagi helpers, that they will understand the message well and know how to communicate it in their language. Pray for the missionary team and the checkers, that they might make sure the lesson is faithful to the Word of God. By now, they’re all very tired! Continue to pray that these lessons will be used to share the ‘Good News of Jesus Christ’ to the Konyagi people.

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