Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo’s trip back to the Konyagi village went well and they found their house in pretty good condition. Cleaning was a challenge as the Harmattan wind brought the dust quicker than they could clean it. Eventually, all the repairs were made and things were in place. The first weeks were exhausting and intense; it was an extra challenge with little Samuel.
Samuel was welcomed warmly by the village and was given plenty of attention.
They found it a joy to attend church on Sunday mornings. A national believer continues to teach the Bible lessons that the missionaries had prepared. It was obvious that he knows these lessons much better now and has gained some confidence in teaching them. Each Sunday, they were reminded of how important it is for them to continue to develop the Bible lessons.
Alessandro resumed language study and has been encouraged by his progress. Chantal learnt new vocabulary related to the baby. Alessandro has become quite adept at treating people who have injuries or sicknesses – he takes care of the men and boys and Chantal takes care of the women and girls.
A few difficult things have happened to various people who attend church. One man seems to have had a stroke and until now his arm has remained paralysed and he has difficulty speaking. This is very difficult for him and his family. Also one of the single young women is pregnant. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to bear all this sadness, but God reminds them to leave these burdens with Him.
Shortly after their return Alessandro and Chantal received the good news that Alessandro’s application for permanent residency in Canada has been granted and that he must return to Canada to ‘activate’ it. Alessandro will be able to be employed by NTM Canada. They have returned to Canada as a family for seven weeks.
Pray that while they are gone that more lessons will be translated. Also pray that these lessons will be well done and be a great help in sharing the Good News with the Konyagi.
Praise for the national Bible teacher, teaching at church on Sundays. The people are listening and understanding. Pray that he may teach well, that many people will continue to attend and understand and be transformed by God’s Word.
Pray for the Bible teacher, his family and their spiritual growth. Pray that God will provide for their needs. Recently he seems to have had many difficulties, so please pray for him.
Pray for the Hofer and Nachtigall families, Alessandro and Chantal’s co-workers in Guinea. Pray that God will strengthen and direct them in their decisions and in their interactions with the people. Also pray for their language and culture learning.
Pray that God would provide someone else to work with SIL on the Konyagi Bible translation.

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