Last week Koen went to Port Moresby, the capital, to see what has to change in the exposition manual before CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, will allow NTM to bring a Kodiak plane to PNG to fly and serve our missionaries.
The manual has details about how NTMA will fly the plane, how to keep the plane in good working order, how to load or unload the plane and where to park it, etc. A lot of work has already been completed and Koen hopes that the plan will be accepted. He also hopes to be able to register the Kodiaks.
If CASA agree, than the next step would be to liaise with the department of transportation to import the aircraft. The second plane should be easier /less work to get into the country. Pray that all will go well.
It has not been very easy for Anne-Laure, after a very busy term with travelling and responsibilities, to come to a place of rest or less intense ministry on the base. Now they are in a different team and it is an adjustment.
It looks like Anne-Laure will again be involved in member care, act as school nurse and be a hairdresser and a reading helper for a little Dutch girl.
There are thirteen ladies in the NTMA team, most of whom stay at the centre with their little ones while their men are working at the airport in town. Please pray that God may grant Anne-Laure wisdom and creativity so that she can help in meaningful ways.
Koen and Anne-Laure’s son Josh and his wife Erin have just sent their paperwork to Port Moresby for their work permits, and after that they will need to apply for visas. Koen and Anne-Laure hope they will join them at the base in June /July.

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