Knit together

Daniel, Nicole and David Noort are preparing at the missions training centre in Canada. Their desire is to reach out to the indigenous Canadians.

David turned seventeen in July and has recently started back at a different school. Pray that he will settle, learn well and make friends.

Pray for Daniel and Nicole as parents as they seek to guide David through life. They plan to go through “Firm Foundations” with him. This is the study of the Gospel in the Bible from creation to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Just like Jesus did on the road to Emmaus. This is also used on the mission field for church planting. They hope that through this that his desire grows to lay down his life for Christ and to follow Him daily.

Daniel and Nicole are grateful for the people around them in Canada and for growing relationships in the local church.

They ask for prayer for the knitting together of the First Story team.

They are thankful for God’s rest and peace and trust Him to supply for their needs.