Kept up to date

Although Ragnar and Elizabeth miss being with the Kankanaey believers right now, they are so thankful that they continue to receive exciting news from them, and are kept up to date with how things are moving along.


One of the believers has been having a weekly Bible Study in another village. He recently finished teaching Phase I and was excited to share with Ragnar and Elizabeth that several people understood and joined God’s family. They look forward to meeting them when they return. They trust they will be excited about joining the group of believers each Sunday.


On their last two Saturdays among the Kankanaey, before going on home assignment, Ragnar and Elizabeth met with a group of young people who were interested in learning more about teaching the Phase I lessons to their friends. Both of those weeks were so encouraging. Now Ragnar and Elizabeth have received word that they have asked to study more and have also met together the last few Saturdays. Their excitement was contagious and many more also joined them. Wow – pray that each one of them will be able to share this great news with lots of classmates, neighbours and relatives.


It is wonderful knowing God’s Word continues to reach the ends of the world. Thank you for continuing to be part of these exciting stories. Ragnar and Elizabeth appreciate knowing you are praying for them and the Kankanaey believers. They plan to return to the village when the Filipino border opens for foreigners to enter. Meanwhile they are thankful that they can enjoy time with their family in Canada as well as continue working on the Kankanaey lessons.