Keeping busy

There are times when it is tempting for Pete and Liesl Hypki to think that since they are no longer based in Las Moras, their life in a Mexican city is less interesting, maybe even less busy. But that probably isn’t true. They wear a number of hats – with Pete serving as field chairman, consultant committee coordinator, and as a consultant, among other things, and Liesl serving as field secretary, consultant committee secretary, and part of the event planning team and Mk Education team – their average week is pretty full. The challenge is to figure out where to put limits, how to measure their energy, and ensure they are setting aside the needed time for their kids, each other, and relationships outside of work.

Over the next few months, life will get busier – Pete will take two trips this month and in May before they take two more as a family in May and June. They are glad to be useful in His hands, and to be reminded of His sufficiency and goodness wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Pete and another consultant visited a village in Nayarit in early March where one of the church planting teams works with the Cora people. Over three days, they discussed how to best move forward with the strategy to reach the Cora people through the small church that has been planted there in the village.


  • For continuing wisdom in learning, growing, and leading in their different roles, while also caring for their family and each other well and being faithful in their home.
  • For their planning and preparation as they prepare for a busy season of travel this month and in May and June.
  • For teachers at Binimea, the school for missionary kids. There is a need for more teachers, especially in the elementary grades.
  • For Liesl and the planning team as they plan and programme the bi-annual Field Conference. This year 80 adult missionaries and 50 children plan to attend. Pray it will be a good time of refreshment and unity building for the field.


  • God for the faithfulness of the believers in the Nahuatl church, who continue to meet together, even during some recent absences of the church planting team.
  • That they had the privilege of having Liesl’s parents with them for almost three weeks last month. It has been good for them to have family visit.

Thank you for standing with Pete and Liesl in prayer.