Joy in language learning

Language learning in the Philippines has started for Adrian and Evelyn Jotter and they are excited to see how much they have learnt in only three weeks. They are also very thankful that Evelyn’s cousin arrived safely and is such a great help to them with looking after the kids and helping with other daily tasks. She got over her jetlag well and has found a good routine with the kids in the mornings, enabling both Adrian and Evelyn to concentrate on their culture and language studies. The people around them are so happy whenever they hear them saying words or short sentences in the Visayan language. The kids also adjusted well to the new routine, especially Lukas, who seems to be eager to learn some Visayan too. He goes up to their Filipino friends, asks them what different things are called, and usually repeats the words correctly. Pray for rested minds and continued joy in learning language. They need a lot of sleep and often the day does not seem to have enough hours!

Praise and Prayer:

• After more than four months, their two boxes of belongings have finally arrived!

•They gave a big party for Olivia’s first birthday, which is common in the Philippines for a first birthday. Pray that through this event, their relationships will have deepened and new ones formed.

•Adrian witnessed a severe accident this week. Processing what he saw needed much emotional strength. Please pray for him.

•At the end of July, the first phase of Adrian and Evelyn’s language study, which they are currently doing together with another couple, will end. Pray for this couple as they are expecting a baby at the end of July.

•Adrian and Evelyn will also start the home school programme with Melissa at the end of July. They are still unsure how exactly to proceed with language study from there on. Please pray that they will find a good rhythm for everyone.