Joy and crown

Paul and Susan Boothby, who have served as missionaries among the ‘G’ people of Papua New Guinea for many years, have made the decision to take “retired” status from New Tribes Mission UK.

Paul and Susan started their journey with NTM in 1986, so this is a big step for them and comes with various emotions. They remain in complete agreement with the goals and objectives of the mission and rejoice in all that is being done for the Lord around the world amongst people who are least reached with the Gospel. They have been privileged and humbled along with your help to play their part in obedience to the Saviour and in taking a clear Gospel message and Bible teaching programme to a people group in Papua New Guinea. They are available to share the challenge of world missions, and would gladly take any opportunity to do that especially with younger people.

They see a real need in the UK for good Bible teaching, especially in some smaller churches. They have several church contacts that have no full time pastor/teacher and at this time they can fill some of those needs so Paul and Susan will continue this way as they can and almost every Sunday is taken up with that.

On Thursday evenings, they have a video call with a couple, laying some good biblical foundations using The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus book. They are very thankful for this and it is encouraging. Teaching from Genesis through to the ascension of Christ is of course very familiar to Paul and Susan.

Recently, they were able to spend time with two of their daughters and families. One of the families live in the USA the other closer to them in Yorkshire. Sadly their youngest daughter was not able to join them as she is in West Africa. However, recently Paul and Susan were able to visit her and were pleased see where she lives and works.

Whilst they are both somewhat slowing down, they still have a number of projects on the house to do when when they have time and inclination! In addition, the ‘G’ peoples translated Bible books need compiling and checking so that they can be printed in one book as requested by the believers. This feels so difficult in many ways, your prayers would be much appreciated as they make a start to the editing!

Continue to pray for the ‘G’ Christians. Paul and Susan often feel sadness for their brothers and sisters in PNG who have been their lives and family for so many years. Humbly, their joy and their crown, as the apostle expressed in Philippians 4:1 and 1 Thess 2:19.