Joy and celebrations

Due to travel restrictions, it took some time to get the reprinted New Testaments transported to Lamogai. However, Jan and Annette Wols are happy to share that they have now arrived in the bush.  Via the two-way radio, they received reports of how the people received them with great joy and celebration. In different villages, the people prepared lots of food for the celebration meals. Church leaders travelled with the books to deliver them to the churches in other villages.

The leaders gave a specific message on the radio to be passed on to you. “Thank you very much to all who have been part of sending, supporting, praying and making it possible for us to get the Bible into our own language. Let us thank our Lord God for this!”

A container with aid materials also arrived. It was checked and cleared for distribution. Band-Aid packages were made up for the leprosy patients and the bush aid posts, wheelchairs were given to disabled people, bigger items were shipped to local hospitals and the materials for the water project sent to Lamogai. All the aid materials have been received with great thankfulness.

At the mission centre where Jan and Annette serve, the security upgrade projects are finished. They are thankful for all the co-workers who helped them get the place ready before the influx of co-workers returning from home assignment and lockdown in their home countries.

Last month a couple from the Patpatar language group stayed at the base to work on Bible translation. They worked via WhatsApp with their missionary in Australia and were able to finish the checking of the book of Genesis. Praise the Lord with them for this accomplishment. As well as working on translation, they helped with building work and other jobs around the centre.

With co-workers returning to PNG, Jan and Annette are pleased to have them stay on the base as they prepare to return to their different locations.

Thank you for standing with Jan and Annette in the work. Many have helped and encouraged them. They praise God, for the body of Christ functioning worldwide.