It’s been hot

The Serer-Saafen people are located in the area surrounding where the Keyser’s live. The majority of this people group are still unreached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
In the last few months the villagers built a whole new building in a jiffy on the school property. Andrew is involved with lots of things that need to be arranged concerning the building site. He and his American colleague, Eli just finished the roof of the little chapel together. This was quite a challenge since neither of them had ever built a roof before. But all went well!
Andrew really enjoys working with his hands during the day as well as the multi-cultural interaction with the local Senegalese and Westerners!
Pray for Andrew and Eliza as bit by bit they are learning more Wolof. They’re only having language sessions once a week with friends from the village. Even though progress is slow, they’re enjoying it.
Besides building, maintaining, buying supplies and teaching, they both have other activities and responsibilities. Andrew preaches every now and then and does some Bible studies in the dorms, which has really been a blessing! Eliza goes weekly to the village to play with the children and tell them Bible stories with the use of a felt board. She has made many meaningful contacts. Last term Eliza also discipled a teenage student after school which she really liked to do. It is a worthy investment to be able to have an impact on the spiritual lives of the children here at the school!
Also pray for them as a family as they will be in the Netherlands this month to enjoy some vacation and to be able to attend Eliza’s little brother’s wedding.

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