It’s a battle

The apostle Paul tells the Corinthians in his second letter to them that when he arrived in Macedonia he felt the spiritual battle. In the ministry of proclaiming the Gospel Paul experienced the spiritual battle all the time. Robert and Nicole have also experienced the spiritual battle over and over since they started to serve the Lord. The battle has been most intense at the time they started to reach a new village or a new area with the Gospel. Also before and during their annual visits to the tribe there has been ‘the fighting without’. They thank the Lord that He always gives them the strength to be able to stand in the spiritual battle and that He assures them that they experience the spiritual battle because He is building His Church.

Over the last couple of weeks Robert and Nicole have been able to talk to several of the believers. One couple are in Goroka as the wife is due to have a baby and there are some complications. Robert and Nicole are glad that she is in the hospital now and are praying that everything will go well and that she will recover. They also received a report that a young woman in the church who waited to marry a believer, will get married later this year. They are glad that the Lord has given her this young man who knows Him.
For quite a while Robert and Nicole hadn’t heard from the believer who leads the church in one of the villages. He called recently and said that everything is fine. They are looking forward to seeing everybody again next month. Lord willing, they will fly to Papua New Guinea in mid-July. Robert and Nicole will then fly to the tribe where they will spend about half of their time. The other half of their time Robert and Nicole will spend on the other side of the mountains. Pray for good flights, both international flights and flights within Papua New Guinea. Also pray for a good time with the believers at the different locations and that Robert and Nicole will be able to accomplish a lot in translating and making the dialect changes.

Before Robert and Nicole leave for PNG they still have things they need to finish at home in the Netherlands. The recording of the Gospel of John is almost complete, then they can put the four Gospels on the audio Bibles. Robert is still working on recording Bible lessons as well. They are very pleased that due to the gifts received they were able to purchase quite a few audio Bibles.

Robert and Nicole’s daughter Elianne won’t join them on their trip this time. She will work during the summer months and will also take some time off for a vacation. Their sons Amos and Jorim will go with them and Amos hopes to do his internship in Singapore after their time in PNG. He is still waiting for his visa. If everything is okay he will be in Singapore for six weeks to work at a big orchid nursery. Jorim will start at his new school after they return from PNG. This month he will meet his fellow students during an introduction day.
Robert and Nicole are thankful for all the support and prayers for the work.

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