Itinerant ministry

Lord willing Robert and Nicole will arrive in Papua New Guinea towards the end of July. During the next few weeks Robert hopes to prepare as much as he can for the first part of their time in PNG when they will visit the Iwalaqamalje people and hopefully finish the translation of Daniel.

They will take with them more audio Bibles for the Iwalaqamalje people. These audio Bibles have recordings of Genesis, the four Gospels, Acts, Romans and 1 and 2 Corinthians. Pray that the audio Bibles will open doors again for Bible teaching at new locations in that part of the tribe.

The second part of their time will be spent at the other side of the tribe where Robert will work with tribal believers Ari and Lorens on the dialect changes for the Iqwaye people.

All the phase 1 chronological Bible lessons for the Iqwaye people are ready to be printed and put into use. Robert has also recorded all those phase 1 chronological Bible lessons for the Iqwaye people so they can put them on audio Bibles. They will take some with them.

Just recently an Iqwaye lady asked on the phone if they could bring an audio Bible for her. Last year there were many people asking to get one.

Robert will also work there with two tribal believers on the dialect changes for the Gwase people. All the Old Testament chronological phase 1 lessons are ready to for use in Gwase and they will have those printed too. Robert has also recorded them to be put on audio Bibles and so they will take quite a few of them as well.

Pray for good flights and good health during their time in PNG. Their sons Amos and Jorim will go with them to PNG. Elianne will stay in the Netherlands. She will spend two weeks in Switzerland with Operation Mobilisation to reach out to Arab people. Pray that through that work, people will call on the Lord.

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