Itinerant ministry

Despite being unable to get a mortgage, God has made it possible for them to purchase a house which has been very exciting and humbling for them to see: “We are very thankful to God for His provision”.

Right now Jonathan and Rachel are in Bolivia at the missionary training centre there helping to teach a Foundational Bible Teaching Workshop. The workshop is being taught in Spanish and is open to any Spanish speaking missionaries, pastors and tribal church leaders who want to learn more about writing their own Bible lessons in other cultures. Please pray that the workshop will continue to run smoothly and there won’t be any problems with the electricity going off or the tanks running out of water as occasionally happens. Jonathan and Rachel return to England at the beginning of August and once they are back they hope to complete on a house in North Cotes.

Rachel and Jonathan’s first longer trip overseas will be to Mexico sometime at the beginning of 2017, so they have a little time yet to get organised. The field of Mexico would like some help with Culture and Language Acquisition consulting (including helping to train consultants) and possibly teaching some modules in the national training programme. Jonathan has helped from a distance in recent years with translating materials for the mission there, but they would really like some hands-on help as well.

Please pray for the Willcock family. Although they know that God is in control and they believe the direction they are going is what God has for them, change is never easy, and moving from their apartment on campus to a house off campus will be a challenge. Their two youngest sons will move with them and then Jack hopes to start university in September. James has just graduated from Bible school and is looking to God for direction for his future.

Thank you so much for praying for the Willcock family.

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