Iski translation

André Tousch is back in Papua New Guinea and plans to stay for two weeks. It has been a year since, as a family, they left the country and he cannot wait to see his Iski friends again. Please pray for this trip!

The main goal is to make good progress on the translation of the New Testament. He will be working on Philippians, Philemon and Colossians. He plans to work every day with an Iski believer, who helps him with the translation, and he will also do comprehension checking with other people. However, André’s desire is also to bring encouragement to the Iski believers, and to be able to share and pray with them.

Before leaving PNG, Aurélie had translated biblical, illustrated magazines (comics) on the life of Jesus into the Iski language. They have now been printed and André will be able to take them for their Iski friends to read! They hope that they will be useful to help the believers better understand the culture of Israel at the time of Jesus, and thus to improve their understanding of Scripture.