Interim ministry

It is an exciting opportunity for Simon and Annika to be a part of teaching and pouring their lives into new missionaries. Pray that God would provide them with accommodation and would open a door for them to make the move. They need an address before they can apply for school places for the kids – so a timely move is important to ensure they get school places.
NTM Papua New Guinea would like Simon and Annika to wait another two years before they could possibly return to continue their church planting work due to Karis’ cardiac past. Simon and Annika’s desire is and has always been to church plant amongst the unreached of the world, especially in areas where there is no access to the Gospel. They have also been communicating with a few other different countries that NTM serves in, particularly in central Asia. There are a few possible ministry options that they could help out with during an interim period before they would see if the door to PNG would be open again. Pray God would clearly open a door for Simon and Annika and the Gospel.
Nya and Noah both enjoy school and love having friends! Karis is 18 months now, and it is hard to believe the change in her since her past operation. She is very active, into everything and constantly on the go. She is very much like Noah in that she is very inquisitive and independent, so Simon and Annika have their hands full! Praise God for Karis’ wonderfully normal level of health. Simon and Annika thank you for all your prayers and support during this last year! The new baby should make an appearance around the 26th May! Pray for Annika as her iron levels are low and she has more pain in getting around than in any of her other pregnancies.
Simon is still taking meetings monthly and has been travelling throughout the UK – reporting on the Mengen work and representing the work of NTM. Simon and Annika are helping to develop some curriculum for the Mengen church (translating lessons for the church plant) and hope they will be able to spend more time on this when they move to North Cotes. They are also very involved with their local church in weekly discipleship meetings with a group of saved men who have come out of addiction backgrounds.
Simon is also planning a possible trip to PNG to visit the Mengen church in this coming year – please pray for plans to fall into place.
Annika’s parents Sonni and Julie visited them in February for two and a half weeks. Simon and Annika are so thankful for the parents that they have both been given, godly grandparents to their children. Time was short but sweet but Sonni and Julie are planning on returning this month to help out with baby number four arriving, so Simon and Annika and the children are looking forward to their return.
Pray for Annika’s parents; they have made some big decisions including selling their house in order to serve the Lord again with New Tribes. They hope to move to North Cotes College in order to make disciples of all nations by training new missionaries to go to the mission field. They served in PNG for 26 years in church planting and leadership.

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