Interface USA Intensive

In spite of all the Covid mayhem, Janie Miles’s year has been very full. God is still good, and she is still blessed beyond measure!

In March 2020, the Interface team had to cancel that summer’s Interface programme in Papua New Guinea (PNG). That was a huge disappointment, but a lot of the students who were planning on going decided to either join the programme in 2021 (which was subsequently cancelled) or in 2022, or participate in the first (and hopefully last) Interface USA Intensive.

Last summer was the first time in 21 years that Janie was not in PNG for the summer. However, the team are excited for all that God has in store at the Interface USA Intensive.

Janie spent most of the past year working from her dining room table at home. She is glad that she can now be back in the office and sees a few more people on a daily basis.

The end is in sight for Janie to complete her Masters in Intercultural Studies from Southern California Seminary. She has just four more classes, and aims to graduate in the spring of 2022.

Interface USA Intensive will take place at the Ethnos360 Wayumi Campus in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania June 6-19, 2021.

There is room for 40 candidates, about 15 have now signed up. It is a great opportunity to experience Interface but in the USA. The cost is $1300, which equates to approx. £950 (a LOT less than PNG!), and is for those 18 years of age and older.

The Interface USA Intensive will be held at the Wayumi Campus in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, June 6-19, 2021.

There are missionaries all over the world who are there because God used Interface to show them where and how He would have them serve. Janie is one of them!

Through prayer, you are part of the team that makes that happen. Thank you.