Instilling the truth

Richard and Carmen Gappmayr with Lucas, Elias, Melissa and Rebecca continue their multifaceted ministry in the Philippines. They have been coaching missionaries and they are thankful for the privilege to help others to grow in their ability to function in the language and culture.

Richard has been teaching at a small Bible school, that prepares young men and women for ministry. Many of the students come from very religious backgrounds and some of that thinking is still evident in how they view the grace of God and other key doctrines, so it has been a challenge. They hope that they have been able to instil truth in them and challenge them to keep pursuing truth. It was a great opportunity and Richard finished the chronological teaching a few weeks ago.

Carmen also has plenty of opportunities to be involved in other people’s lives. She continues with a local ladies Bible study where she disciples them. She is very encouraged to see their progress in how they understand an apply truth and in their walk with the Lord. God is really growing them in the middle of their difficulties and hard lives. Despite their hardships, they seek the Lord and testify to what they have learned and how God has answered prayers and encouraged them through truth. Pray that Carmen might have wisdom to guide them toward further intimacy with the Lord.

They have the privilege of seeing a new work opening up among a people group further north and Richard went with the missionaries to help them make a start in gaining a deep understanding of the culture and language. Pray for them to make good progress.

Richard continues to be on various consultant trips every month and it is a joy for him to see how people are growing in their understanding and ability to function among a host people group.

Richard will soon be going to Austria for two weeks for family reasons and also to look at schooling options for their children. They plan to go on home assignment in June 2020 and do not know whether they might have to stay longer to help settle their boys. There are many unknowns.

They are thankful for safety and protection. There were more than 30 earthquakes over the last months, a few severe ones, the strongest being very recently and school was called off in the whole city because of some structural damage.

Pray for good health, especially for Carmen, as that is an ongoing struggle for her.

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel.