Thanks to the ingenuity of their teachers, Daniel and Hanna Temlett are finishing their classes this year over the video platform called zoom.

Most students follow the classes from their own countries but a remnant of students similar to themselves have remained on campus at North Cotes. As classes will soon end, they find it difficult to summarise all that they have learnt. Their course has taken them from hearing and writing phonetics to producing an alphabet, then the tools for teaching people literacy so that they may in turn be able to read scripture for themselves. Translating the Bible is also a huge undertaking requiring God’s grace, not only for strength to complete the task but also wisdom in doing so, to get the correct meaning across in a completely different language from their European languages. This is why NTM does the work they do; so that churches can be born and rooted in the immovable Rock that is God’s Word.

Beyond these classes, they have managed to continue boy’s Bible study (also via zoom) and they are currently in the book of 1 John which is such an encouragement. In this book, it can be seen that it is fellowship with the Saviour, which is in focus and abiding in that relationship with Him. It is His work in hearts, changing them into His likeness as He works His character into them. In the midst of all the worlds upheaval, God remains the same as does rest in Him and His work in hearts.

Unfortunately, their teaching with the volunteers on campus ended. They thank God that they were able to get through about 30 Bible lessons with them, which is much truth for the heart to ponder.

Daniel and Hanna are in the midst of considering their future, which is difficult to plan as things change from week to week. All things being normal, Hanna would undertake linguistics next year as she was recommended to do so. That being the case Daniel would help at North Cotes in some capacity. There are however many ifs and buts to consider at this time so please do pray for them for wisdom in these things.

Looking further ahead, they would also like to visit a work in Kenya amongst the Samburu where Hanna’s cousin and husband have been working for the last five years. There is a possibility of visiting at the end of this year depending again, on what happens with the pandemic.

Daniel and Hanna are starting the last module of ‘Culture and Language Acquisition’. The focus is primarily on techniques to grow into a language and culture when entering a new country. These techniques would have been put to use during ‘mission simulation’, which would normally be at this time. Circumstances now make this difficult and leadership are pursuing avenues to make it possible at some point in the future.

Through all of this, they are encouraged that God knows the beginning from the end and His love for them does not change. They thank God for all that they are learning, the work of His Word in their hearts changing them to His image, His help in getting through this this school year and simply for the joy of knowing Him.

Psalm 34:2 Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together.