Infectious disease

David really believes that God was working in the lives of many of the young people who attended ‘Reach’. It was very encouraging to hear their response to the challenges they received over the weekend. They believe that God is leading some of them into missionary service. Pray for the Spirit of God to work on in their hearts and bless the seeds of His Word that were sown.
There has been an outbreak of the Ebola disease in southeast Guinea. Although this is far from where David and Rachel Burke work the developments are worrying. There have been 78 deaths with evidence of it spreading. This is one of the world’s most lethal infectious diseases.
Due to the growing number of deaths and the threat of spreading, they have now closed the borders with some surrounding countries. The geographical spread will greatly complicate the tasks of the organisations working to control the epidemic.
Pray for this situation at this time. Pray that it will be contained and gotten under control.
Also pray for the Burke family as they plan to return to Guinea in July.

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