Alessandro and Chantal’s house construction continues but not very quickly. They had finally received all the wood to make the roof frame. The window frames are now installed but the walls and floor still need to be finished. At the end of the month, the contractor is supposed to give Alessandro and Chantal an idea of when the house will be far along enough to have the inauguration. (Rather like a house warming; the local people are invited and food is shared with them etc.). They are hoping the inauguration can happen in February and that they can move in March.

There has been a development with regard to their well. Alessandro and Chantal’s co-worker was able to contact the well digger and he says he will be returning in February. Pray that he actually finishes it!

Alessandro and Chantal continue with language learning. They are thankful for the opportunity to study but are eager to be living immersed in the language in the village so that they can progress more quickly. Pray for continued progress.

Their children continue to be a great joy to them as well as a great responsibility. Pray for their kids, Samuel and Jolissa, especially for their salvation. Also pray for Alessandro and Chantal in their role as parents.

Alessandro and Chantal are thankful that they are finally all more-or-less healthy. The air quality and all the dust the wind brings often causes them to be congested and have sore throats etc. Pray for their health.

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