In their thoughts

In one of the areas where Robert and Nicole minister there are quite a few new people in the church. They are even planning on extending the room where they are meeting because of the growing number of people. That’s good news. On the other hand there are a few families in the different churches who are going through a hard time because of their boys who are going their own way. Due to outside influences the social control of the youth which used to be part of tribal life no longer exists and parents who are believers need a lot of strength and wisdom in raising their kids.
The dialect changes have been completed in another of the Bible lesson books in the Iqwaye dialect and dialect changes are continuing to be made in the Gwase dialect.
Meanwhile Robert and Nicole continue to work on translation, working on Bible lesson books so they can be printed, and recording New Testaments books and Bible lessons for the Audio Bibles. They are thankful for the financial help to purchase the audio Bibles. These audio Bibles are also a great tool for spreading the Word of God in the tribe.
Pray for Robert and Nicole and their children as they continue to serve the Yagwoia people from the Netherlands. Also pray for their health as they have had some problems with infections over the last couple of months.

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