In the village

Overall, the transition is going well for Alessandro and Chantal. It is not easy getting used to temperatures above 40◦C but at least it is dry heat. Sometimes they feel a little lost in their new environment with people they don’t know, a foreign language and customs that are different from theirs, but they have been well received.

They are doing a lot of visiting with their new neighbours, the local authorities, and contacts from when Chantal used to live in the area. They are also organising themselves to function in the village – getting telephones, internet (which works very well, but is expensive), finding the doctors in the area, etc.

The work is progressing on their own house; the roof and the floor have now been completed! Praise God! They are now painting. After that, the bathrooms must be finished and the windows and screen doors installed. Pray that everything will soon be completed so that they can move in.

Another big project they have to do before they can move is the installation of their solar electric system. They were counting on their co-worker’s help since he has specialised training in this area, but unfortunately he had to leave. They didn’t really know what to do, however, before they could even start worrying about it, God provided a solution! Another missionary with this same training is willing to help them. Two men plan to arrive within the next two weeks. Thank the Lord for taking care of all these details! Please pray for their safety as they travel and as they work. Pray that they have all the needed materials as there isn’t a D.I.Y store anywhere near!

As for the well, it seems there are some issues with the drill. They hope it will soon be fixed so that it can be drilled at the beginning of June. Alessandro and Chantal are also trying to find a way to finish the dug well, not only for their own use, but because the villagers like to get water from there. Pray that they may have abundant clean water.

Alessandro and Chantal are so thankful for the help of Isabel a volunteer from Italy (British/Italian) who helps them with the kids! Pray for her as well in this new place, which is very foreign to her. Pray that Alessandro, Chantal and kids are settled in their own house before she leaves in mid-June.

The kids love all the animals that wander around freely – cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, guinea fowl, chicken, cockerels, etc. Jolissa would love to just follow them around all day. The villagers like to hold Jolissa and, in general, she allows it. Samuel is starting to say a few words in the language and to make a few friends. He likes to pick mangoes with them. He also misses his friends from Dakar and often asks when they’ll be going home. He now has his own bedroom (we used to all be in one bedroom) and is not adjusting very well to sleeping alone at night. Pray for the kids’ adjustment and for wisdom for Alessandro and Chantal as parents.

Thank you for praying for Alessandro and Chantal and the ministry among the Konyagi!

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