In the Potter’s hand

Praise the Lord that David and Chris’ visas were finally issued (only a month late!). This is the last year they can apply for this particular type of visa. Please pray for them as they ask the Lord what their next step should be. Their hearts’ desire is to continue to serve where they are in Asia-Pacific. However, obtaining visas to do the type of ministry they would like to be involved with, is becoming increasingly difficult.
Another praise item is that David has finally finished writing the English language teaching curriculum for the nursing school. This has been a mammoth task trying to fit the requirements from the government into a format that will teach English effectively – David and Chris are thankful that the Lord has enabled David to be faithful in this. This means he has a little more time now for preparing sermon materials. Once again as they approach the year end there is a lot of paperwork to be done and reports and exams to be written. Please pray that the Lord will enable them to once again complete these tasks with integrity.
Chris continues to work towards her master’s degree, so far she has passed all the course work and is now working on the last module for this academic year. She will return to the UK again in August so that she can attend some mandatory lectures at Cardiff University. Although it has been a tough year, they are very grateful to the Lord for His provision financially so that they could pay the course fees, and for His unending grace which has helped them both through this time. Almost one year down – just another two to go!
David and Chris praise the Lord for the eleven Medical Mission’s Conference (MMC) candidates who successfully completed the ten week placement at the hospital. Each one of them gave a personal testimony at the end of their time; sharing what the Lord had done in their lives during the MMC and also speaking about some of the areas where they feel the Lord is leading them into in the future. Please pray for courage for these young people, that they will be used by the Lord to bring people to Himself in remote areas of Asia-Pacific. They will face many temptations to stay in their home towns and seek out prosperous careers. Pray that they will be able to view things in the light of eternity and what Christ has done for them on the cross.
This month David has had the privilege to serve one of the new believers from an NTM tribal church plant. He is accompanying his nephew (not yet a believer) who is waiting for an infection to be healed before he can have surgery. Please pray that they both will see God’s hand in their lives as the hospital staff minister to them and that God will give David wisdom as he deals with the day to day things that invariably come up in a situation such as this.

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