In The Nick of Time?

Since there are no DIY superstores nearby, their best option for timber was to mill up some local trees. Levi’s translation helper sold him one of his trees which had fallen across the nearby river and found another that had been carried to his property by the river. They were able to get the logs milled up in the river last Saturday without incident. Their concern was that rain up the mountain could cause a flash flood with little or no warning carrying away both the logs and the sawmill. God answered their prayers holding off the rain until all the milling was completed.
Recently the missionary team had a church planting evaluation to check. This evaluation was done by two men who have been involved in church planting in PNG as well as a Christian national couple from one of the mature churches in a different area where NTM missionaries have shared the Gospel message. It was encouraging for the team to see things from an outsider’s perspective as they can often get bogged down in the day-to-day struggles of the growing church. They have been very encouraged by the evaluation they received and are now discussing how to implement the recommendations in order to see the church begin to stand on its own feet.
Please pray with the missionary team for wisdom in how they can assist the church.
Pray for the next literacy course that is scheduled to start next month.
It will soon be the annual field conference. Pray for the safety and travel of all the missionaries around the field who will be travelling out for this event. Also pray for all of the individuals who are planning and preparing the programme and logistics for this time and that they would all be mutually encouraged by their time shared together.

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