In the Ark

Most people have had to make changes in their lives over these last five months or so, and once again Tony and Maria Verlaan are so thankful to know the Lord who gives His Shalom – Peace in situations like this.

Tony and Maria are transitioning back to Australia; it was to be at the end of 2020 or early in 2021. However, because of travel restrictions and not being able to enter other African countries they have decided to head back earlier than planned.  This decision was not made lightly and they prayed much about it as well as discussing it with their team and leadership in southeast Africa. They have booked tickets back to Australia for this month (and then spend two weeks in quarantine).

Nevertheless, they have been able to wrap up a lot of our ministry responsibilities over many Internet meetings, which has gone remarkably well, but they have missed the face to face interaction with people. They thank the Lord for His wisdom and allowing them to navigate this time of transition.

Interestingly in some of their Bible readings and online sermons, have focused on the story of Noah and his family in the Ark. God placed them in the Ark to keep Noah and his family safe. The Ark had no rudder, sail, or steering wheel for Noah to control it. Could you imagine what Noah and his family felt like, out of control during a storm? This is somewhat how Tony and Maria have been feeling, ‘out of control’, but peacefully knowing that God is guiding them like the Ark into eventual safety and a resting place.

They are unsure exactly what they will do ministry wise once back in Australia but they are praying about some opportunities and would value your prayers as they seek God for His leading.

They will we need to find jobs and a home in Australia, to live and pay the bills after thirty-plus years in fulltime ministry.

There are so many unknowns yet they desire with all their hearts to be obedient to Lord as He directs their path. Prayer as they make this transition would be gratefully appreciated.