In God’s power

After a time of friends leaving and new friends arriving, Boris and Valentina Bergen, who serve with their family in the Philippines, are looking forward to a more normal routine. They enjoy getting to know the new families and helping them settle in and are very encouraged to be able to experience God’s provision in big and small things and to see how He plans and initiates everything.

The two new families have decided on where to live, signed contracts, and are in the process of renovating, and buying furniture and furnishings. They now know their way around well enough to be able to travel independently to buy groceries etc. This is a big step in the right direction. Everything is different and strange. Feeling safe and comfortable and being able to look after your own family is a basic prerequisite for arriving safely and for feelings of wellbeing.

Nevertheless, they are still very dependent on help because they cannot communicate with those who help with renovations or local people in general. Boris and Valentina’s days are often filled with helping these families with words and activities. They rarely know what the next day will look like, as situations often arise spontaneously. It is important to them that the new missionaries learn how life works in the Philippines… what works and what does not…

They take two days a week to show them something new, at first it was the market and the supermarket, now it is getting more specific… How do I pay my electricity bill? How do I get internet?

Another family have completed the first 100 hours of the official language course and have already learned 850+ words. They too have only been in the country for four months, which means they also need help and advice from time to time.

All of this can be very challenging, but Boris loves variety and home schooling gives Valentina and the kids the necessary consistency. Valentina’s sister plans to arrive soon to support them with home schooling, so that Valentina can help more with the new missionaries in the mornings. Pray for her that she can prepare well for life in the Philippines and her ministry with their kids.

Pray for Boris and Valentina that they can consciously live every day in the power of God and pass on HIS love. They know that they cannot do anything by themselves. They need wisdom to set priorities, and keep a daily close connection with God who sustains and gives them strength.