In God’s hands

Please pray for the Mibu people of Papua New Guinea. Gang activity has recently escalated. The gang brutally attacked another of the larger nearby villages. One of the missionaries was able to talk with one of the Mibu church leaders, and share his concern and fear. They prayed together and he tried to encourage him in his faith. This faithful Mibu believer says that he is happy to leave the end in God’s hands. He does not know what God’s plans are in all this, but is happy to go to be with Him if that is the plan. However, this dear man is also concerned to have not had the chance to finish the translation project. He is torn! The strong sense of helplessness is causing them to be more conscious of their dependence on the Lord and looking to Him in prayer in all this.

The missionaries are feeling so helpless in this. Their friends, brothers, and sisters are going through a painful time. Nevertheless, let us not forget the legitimacy of the work of prayer! They are God’s people. He has brought them graciously into His work. He hears their cries.

Let us faithfully bring the concerns and requests to Him in prayer for this situation in Mibu.

Thank you for praying!