In God alone

André and Aurélie Tousch are thankful that André’s recent trip to a village on the other side of the river went very well. André and the few people who went with him received a warm welcome. They were able to drop the literacy materials there for the class that was to start this week. Many people are afraid to be part of this first class, and they have dropped out of the programme, to the point that they cannot even fill a class of sixteen students! Pray for wisdom for the team as they evaluate whether they should stop the literacy programme there or continue.

The team are very encouraged by the growth of many in their spiritual life. Their dear village friends live in misery, sometimes hunger, and they work hard in their gardens; however this misery turns into a blessing because they are well aware that this world has nothing to offer them. Their hope rests in God alone and He answers their prayers daily.

They have recently translated Luke 6, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied.”

As she was working on this chapter, one lady said, “It’s very true! As long as we are on this earth, we will live with pain and hard work. We have practically nothing but it does not really matter because we have what matters most, salvation in Jesus! Nothing in this world can compare to what Jesus offers us, nothing! We are richer than many.” Then she said, “We have Jesus, and Jesus hears our prayers. I prayed a lot for (the young disabled son of Jenifa who died recently – the one the doctor said would never be able to walk). I felt so sorry for him; no one wanted to get near him! In fact, the other children were afraid of him, they were afraid of getting his “illness” so they kept a distance; they would not eat in the same plate and would not include him in their games. I was so sorry for him … We cried and prayed to Jesus often. In the Bible He healed many lame and paralysed people. Jesus is the same today; He has the same healing power. We prayed and God heard our prayers. My husband went to see him this week and he came back with this good news: not only is the boy walking … but he is running! God has totally healed him! God cares for each of us, even a little orphan no one else cares for. His goodness is beyond all. He heard our prayers and healed him. It is a miracle like in the Bible. This miracle we saw it with our own eyes. Praised be His Name!”

Last Sunday was the first public wedding in the village. Culturally, marriage is an ill-defined term and since 2017 Christians have been waiting for the opportunity to show their obedience to the Lord and their difference. Last Sunday two believers were married in front of the community of the church; it was a joyful celebration but also an example and an encouragement for all.

André and Aurélie also praise the Lord for the birth of a baby girl in the village last week. Both mother and baby are doing well. The baby is healthy but really small and they think she is born ahead of time. Please remember them in your prayers. The mother had lost her firstborn child in 2017. Pray that this baby girl can grow strong.

Another young woman recently gave birth to her first child. It was not going well, time was running out and the baby was not coming. Previously, before the Gospel, André and Aurélie had witnessed difficult births: everyone was afraid, the women would leave the room one after the other and try to find out what could have caused this. Perhaps the father and the mother had had an argument recently? Had “harmony” been disrupted in one way or another? The father would come and shout apologies to his wife from under the house, hoping that the restored harmony would help them deliver the child… However, this time it was different! All the women had gathered around the expectant mother, staying with her all night and praying for her.

Pray for rain. The last few weeks have been very dry and their water supply is at the lowest. They have barely enough for a week. Thank you for praying for that!